• The Beginning

    The company was incorporated with two founding partners and two programmers. The founding partners’ vision was to create a revolutionary no-coding platform which would enable the fast creation of software solutions.


  • Moving Up

    The company recruits a stellar R&D team. They add state-of-the-art features and dedicate themselves to creating an unparalleled user experience with every new product they develop.


  • Multinationals

    The company acquires its first large multinational customer, pharmaceutical company Merck. Merck starts with one solution and quickly grows that to use Digital-Clay to manage all functionality not covered by their core ERP.


  • Clay Accelerator

    The first round of startups start building their products with Digital-Clay. Products range from marketing automation, skyscraper management, car fleet management, and more.


  • The Sky is the Limit

    Airlines join the Digital-Clay customer family, using the technology to manage emergency procedures, drills, real-time emergency events, boarding and more.


  • Government

    Three government agencies choose Digital-Clay to run their operations, evaluate the efficiency of government subsidized programs, and for reporting purposes.



Digital-Clay is committed to helping its customers be as successful as possible. Digital-Clay is constantly adding new features and developing new products to serve its customers on the highest level possible.
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