Digital-Clay is a software company founded in 2003. Since its founding, Digital-Clay has invested hundreds of thousands of man hours into developing and perfecting its technology which slashes 75% off the time and costs of creating and deploying new software solutions.

The Digital-Clay technology has been used by organizations of different sizes and industries worldwide.

German Pharmaceutical company Merck has used Digital-Clay to create solutions for different departments including clinical trials, car fleet management, maternity leave management, sales reps management, asset management and more.

America’s giant’s IBM, Intel and VMware used Digital-Clay technology through a third party to aggregate data and generate reports.

Airlines and ports use Digital-Clay to manage emergency situations including terrorist attacks and aviation accidents.

Government agencies, universities and NGOs use the software to manage various operations, measure the efficiency of government funded programs, track cases and more.

Entrepreneurs have used Digital-Clay to create desktop, web and mobile applications that are marketed as products in their own right.    

Franchises use Digital-Clay to manage promotions, customer service, feedback and more.

In addition Digital-Clay has been used as a platform for POCs that have scaled into full fledge projects.

Digital-Clay has undergone rigorous 3rd party testing to meet all government security requirements.

Digital-Clay is a 100% bottom-up platform built according to real requests from real customers.

Digital-Clay’s mission is to help its customers be successful and make a positive impact on the world.